“The Room Collage” Image #2


#1 Tim has mad style and flavor. Check out this floor mat. Need I say more?

#2 Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. There are shoes hiding everywhere. Under the bed, in the rack, under boxes, by the front door. Tim had a shoe to go with every outfit he carefully coordinated. Anyone who knew Tim, knew he took personal style seriously. Good man.

#3 Tim loved playing Angry Birds on his phone. In addition, his sense of comedy and irony boiled over into his purchases. Combined; the result was this 1:1 scale Angry Bird! I remember how proud he was of it.

#4 Like I said, Tim loved The Beatles. They fell into a category Tim termed “Happy Music”.

#5 Tim began to design his room aesthetically. He began with this installation of skateboards as art. He took much pride due to the numerous pictures I found on his camera of it. From right to left: a Rodney Mullen board, a Ryan Smith board, and the left most one I believe to be a generic with an Andy Warhol print.

#6 Laundry detergent! Not for jeans though. Tim and I dry clean(ed) our denim. We’re admitted snobs.


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