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  1. For the record, Tim picked up guitar by playing Rocksmith … a Guitar Hero type game that teaches real guitars. I was wondering how he chose the songs he learned, mainly because they were not exactly “Tim” music. It was only after checking out Rocksmith that I found out song for song how he picked his set list. Tim was one competitive dude… if there was a way to be earn high scores, you knew he was into beating everyone.

  2. Actually, Tim and I were skateboarding as early as 6th – 7th grade elementary school. I met Tim in Chinese school at St. Stephens in Monterey Park and he used to come over to my house in Hacienda Heights to skate all day….I’ll try to find some pics of us trying to ollie over a soda can -_-;;

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  3. Wow, I just noticed that his skateboard is the “FLIP” board that we gawked at in my CCM magazine…we kept trying to think of ways to trick our parents to buy that board for us…

  4. My little BROTHER-in-law loves spam masubi w/egg. He can eat a dozen malasadas in one day. Though his favorite ice cream flavor was Mint Chocolate Chip, he always ordered Taro at Fossleman’s whenever we went there for a treat. He made me smile when he ate what I cooked.

  5. Timmy and I love following Anthony around and so we ended up in boonie land-Petaluma one day. That trip to the Twit Cottage turned out to be one FINE day. Timmy drove us to Napa afterwards, and there I learned that he didn’t drink AT ALL!!! So…the drive to Napa was really for me, but together the three of us discovered Fever-Tree gingerale to add to our favorites list.

  6. You crazy. Equilibrium is an amazing movie. We watched that all the time. Due solely to that movie, Tim and I would go on Christian Bale marathons, even the horrible ones. Empire of the Sun, Reign of Fire, 3:10, Prestige… We even tried to find the Grammaton Cleric coat so we can dress up for Halloween. It didn’t happen though.