Tim vs the SAT


Like all Asians, doing well on the SAT was important to Tim.  Because of this, Tim registered to take the SAT I again.  He had already done well, but wanted another shot at the title.  It was just like any other test day, Tim woke up in the morning and drove over to Arcadia High School.  This was an exciting day for Tim because later in the day, he was to meet up with some online friends to play DDR and “battle.”  After spending half an hour going through instructions and filling out all his information, the test started.

After a couple sections, Tim started getting bored.  The math sections were so easy.  Tim finished them in just 15 minutes (sections were 25 minutes).   That’s ten full minutes sitting around waiting!  He thought, “well…. maybe I’ll just peek ahead…everyone does this anyway.”  And usually, the proctor just sits at his desk and never moves the entire time.  However, the proctor decided to be diligent today.  He got up after a couple minutes and took a look around.  He immediately noticed Tim’s test.  That was NOT a math section!  As he stomped over, Tim knew he was screwed.  All different thoughts ran through his head, but he couldn’t summon any explanation.  The next thing he knew, Tim was standing outside next to the brick lined test room.

“How am I going to explain this one.”

DDR did not happen on that day.